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Offences Under The ARMY ACT,NAVY ACT,AIR FORCE ACT Of Sri Lanka

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This book will fill a long felt need in the Tri – Services. Its content provide Military, Naval, Air Force officers with valuable source Material. Understanding ingredient of offences very important. Explanations given in this book are taken from ”Manual of Military Law” which is a monumental book first published in 1884 as a sequel to the passing of the British Army Discipline Act 1879 and the Army Act 1881. The main object of the ”Manual of Military Law” was to provide officers in general with a readily available means of acquiring such legal knowledge as they may need for the performances of duties.

There could be no doubt that this book will be of much interest to the students of Military, Naval, Air Force offences will find the book a wealth of useful information and an invaluable reference book.

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